We're in the works on a new site! This one will remain, possibly as a hub for members of our clan. But 3ra Gaming is the name we're taking for our youtube channel.

The future is bright, and full of fun games with friends!


Destiny has to be the best MMO FPS game ever made so far... Now if I could just make more time to play it.

I'v also discovered Minecraft. haha. I did my best to stay away from it, but I gave into pressure to play with a friend that was having a bad day. It's actually a very relaxing game! One of my sister got an Xbone for Christmas, and Minecraft, so her kids could play. Now I can play with them too. hahaha.

I need to get a kinect...


We've got a few members with Xbox One's now! I'm one of them. Add me (the1studmuffin) and ps7cho (ps7chopath) to live and play Tital Fall with us! We'll be online tonight two other clan maties duking it out with the world!

So many games to play, and so little time... Ps7cho (chocolateTthunder) and I have been having a lot of fun playing Rust on steam. We're both still stoked for Destiny to come out though.

I've just migrated the site to a new host. Everything seems to be working fine. I've still got many improvements to make! So much programming to do. It makes me happy :)


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